27th Oct, 2015

Boobs, Butts and Books at Smut Manchester 2015 @talksmut



It really is difficult to work out where to start summing up all the amazing smuttiness that was Smut Manchester sponsored by Amazingo.co.uk 2015.  unlike events I attend, Smut events are very much work for me. Enjoyable work, but work all the same. I walk around clutching my schedule like a comfort blanket whilst muttering about chairs or pens or something else I’m looking for and tend to automatically assume someone needs something other than just conversation when I’m stopped.…

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27th Jul, 2015

Smutting Up the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Mega Fair! @talksmut

Team Smut have been at the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fairs since December 2013 and yet it seems I rarely blog about the event, how remiss of me. So it seems appropriate to give you a run down of the first ever Mega fair at the Ritz.…

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1st Apr, 2015

Enjoy a Taste of Smut in Manchester with Erotic Readings and More! @talksmut

We at Smut UK with the help of the amazing Jay JW have announced our very first evening event, a taster season of the larger all-day events that we’re known for. It’s In Manchester, at the Bangkok Bar & Restaurant on the 8th April from 5pm to 10pm .  …

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20th Mar, 2015

Drawn That Way – Kinky Cosplay @ClubLash


I’m using the above as my profile pic on facebook and I think I’ve had more likes and comments on it than anything I’ve posted before pretty much. And apparently my redhead loving husband hasn’t bribed a single one of them. Why do I have red hair?…

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